Per our previous NOC posting about LOUIE, tonight we will be performing maintenance as we physically move the servers around. Unfortunately we are running behind schedule and work was not able to begin at the scheduled 10PM mark. We estimate that we will be able to begin around 3AM Eastern and will update this NOC posting once work has begun.

Update 3:30 AM Eastern: We’ve received the green light to begin the move process. At 4:00 AM Eastern we will be powering off the LOUIE network to physically move the servers to our newest cage in our Dallas data center.

Update 4:05 AM Eastern: We’re beginning the move for the LOUIE servers. Customers on the LOUIE network will be unable to access their mailboxes for the next 20 minutes as the move occurs.

Update 5:05 AM Eastern: The move completed about 15 minutes ago – we are running our performance tests to ensure that the post move process completed successfully