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Over the past 24 hours we’ve been collecting metrics and performance reports on HUEY. Unfortunately our metrics have shown a slight soft corruption on DB1. Tonight, 4/20/11 at 10:30 PM Eastern we will be taking DB1 on HUEY offline to perform an integrity check and repair any mismatched entries in the database.

Clients on DB1 should expect to be disconnected from their mailbox for at least 2 hours as the check completes. During the check, all mail will be delivered to LiveArchive and spooled on HUEY, awaiting delivery after maintenance completes.

Update 10:36 PM Eastern: We are beginning the checks for mailboxes on DB1.

Update 6:40 AM Eastern: Unfortunately checks are still running on DB1. We are continuing to monitor the progress.

Update 7:30 AM Eastern: In the interest of service availability as we enter the start of normal business hours, we’ve cancelled the DB integrity check just shy of 50% completion. We will monitor the health of the database and performance as any corruption encountered prior to the cancel was repaired.