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January 12, 2011

LIVEARCHIVE user logins

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The monitoring software on LiveArchive has alerted about login issues across a few databases. We are in the process of diagnosing the issue.

Update 5:50 AM: The root cause of the login issues has been discovered. We are applying database upgrades to each database individually. While the database that a user is on is being upgraded, users will receive the warning that their mailbox appears unavailable – the error will go away as soon as the database is upgraded.

Update 9:45 AM: Three of the primary databases have been upgraded. We are continuing the updates across the other databases.

Update 12:28 PM: Five of the primary databases have been upgraded and mounting. We are continuing the updates across the other databases.

Update 10:50 AM: In the interest of restoring service across the board, we are going to move all users that still have databases waiting to be upgraded to a temporary database. This will allow the users to login to their livearchive mailbox and receive live mail, but the previously archive mail will not be available until the DB schema upgrade is completed.

Over the next three hours all the mail that has been queued over the past 24 hours will be delivered to the new temporary profiles.

After the schema upgrades are completed on all databases, we will begin to move mail from the new temporary profile back to the main profile

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