We’ve received a few sporadic reports from our partners about the GAL in outlook showing up as empty. At 9:00 PM Eastern we will be rebooting the mailbox servers for LOUIE. We were unable to reboot the mailbox servers after the SP1 install because of time constraints. Clients on should only see a 10 minute disconnect from their mailbox when their respective server goes offline.

Update 9:01 PM Eastern: We are beginning the server reboots, beginning with the mailbox servers, then hub, and finally CAS.

Update 9:38 PM Eastern: All the servers rebooted successfully. We are now in the process of adding LOUIECAS3 into the CAS Array.

Update 10:15 PM Eastern: The addition of LOUIECAS3 was completed and connection was verified with our test accounts.

Update 10:45 PM Eastern: We are in the process of rekeying the SSL certificate to apply to LOUIECAS3. Clients will be unable to connect to Outlook as the SSL gets processed.