We are about to begin the Service Pack 1 install for the LOUIE network. During the install, some Exchange services will have to be restarted, however, clients connected to cas.louie.exchangedefender.com should only see a disconnection of about 15 seconds as they switch between CAS servers.

Update 3:41 AM Eastern: We’ve completed the install on the CAS array servers. We are now proceeding with the HUB and Mailbox servers.

Update 6:43 AM Eastern: All HUB servers were updated to SP1 around 4:40, however the mailbox servers are still in the process of finalizing.

Update 7:18 AM Eastern: Half of the mailbox databases are mounted, and it looks like the SP1 installation is near completion.

Update 7:23 AM Eastern: The installation of SP1 on the mailbox servers has completed. We are in the process of bringing all the services back online.

Update 7:54 AM Eastern: Service has been restored on LOUIE.