We are beginning the maintenance schedule for Scrooge (Exchange 2007). During our maintenance we will be attempting to move the mailbox database, and finally performing an offline defrag of the database. Clients should anticipate the inability to connect to their mailboxes and utilize LiveArchive during the maintenance.

As always, progress will be updated in this post.

Update 9/11/10 1:50 PM Eastern: The database copy failed as it did previously, where the server stops making progress on the copy. We are going to use the same method we used last week to move the DB to the Temp drive, but now moving it to the permanent location.

Update 9/12/10 1:30 AM Eastern: The database move was successful. We are currently letting the log files replay and then will be running an offline defrag of the database before putting it back into production.

For any clients that do not want to wait for the checks to complete, we can move you to a new database with a blank mailbox. You will not have to reconfigure outlook, but if you use Blackberry Enterprise Service, you will have to redo enterprise activation. After the checks are completed (likely to be mid Sunday) we can move you back to your original mailbox and then seed in the mail from the new database.

Update 9/12/10 8:31 AM Eastern: The log files replayed successfully. We decided to mount the databases, and schedule the offline defrag for next Sunday, as opposed to the Saturday Maintenance. Again, we cannot stress enough how much we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we aren’t doing this for fun nor would we be doing it as aggressively as we are if we didn’t feel this was required for the overall network reliability and performance