On Sunday August 22nd we will be migrating the HUEY and SCOOGE Exchange 2007 Servers to new Dell servers. During the upgrade clients will not be able to access their mailboxes via outlook, active sync or OWA. Customers needing constant access to their mailboxes should become familiar with using LiveArchive before the outage occurs.

Maintenance is scheduled to begin at 5PM Eastern and is likely to continue until the early AM on Monday. Service will be restored prior to 9AM on Monday August 23rd.

Update 12:35 AM Eastern Monday: We are beginning the upgrade process on HUEY tonight. Access will be unavailable to users on the HUEY server during the upgrades.

Update 7:54 AM Eastern Monday: The upgrade process took significantly longer than expected and was terminated to meet the 9AM deadline. The installation will continue today at 830pm Eastern