The DEWEY Exchange 2007 server was reported to have delays in processing requests from clients. We are restarting the information store to resolve the issue.

Update 1:00 PM: The information store has finished restarting and we’ve confirmed access to mailboxes on each DB.

Update 3:46 PM: Multiple parties have reported issues in delivery speed. We are rebooting the DEWEY server in order to clear out the cached memory.

Update 4:08 PM: We’ve been monitoring the server reboot via KVM. The server is in the process of installing windows updates before it completes the reboot.

Update 4:21 PM: The installation of the windows update has completed and the server is now stopping the Exchange services. The server should complete the reboot in the next 15 minutes.

Update 4:49 PM: The reboot has completed. We’ve verified that mail is being routed and confirmed that our test users could login.

Update 5:30 PM: After the reboot, the DEWEY transport started routing mail through one of it’s alias IPs instead of the primary IP, causing outgoing messages to be rejected as “Relaying denied, proper authentication required” The issue has been resolved and mail is routing out.