Throughout the night we will be installing new drives to a few LOUIE servers. The following services will be intermittently interrupted throughout the upgrade which is scheduled to last between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM


The CAS array host will be rebooted which will leave Outlook disconnected for up to five minutes


The BES database is being moved to a new drive which will leave BB devices unable to synchronize for up to 30 minutes


The Sharepoint SQL host is being moved to a new drive which will leave Sharepoint portals unavailable for up to five minutes

Update 7:14 PM Eastern: The database move for the BES server is taking longer than expected. We are still working to finalize the upgrades as soon as possible.

Update 8:02 PM Eastern: The CAS array is being upgraded now. Users will experience two brief disconnects which are scheduled to last up to 10 minutes each.