Earlier today we launched ExchangeDefender LiveArchive 3, powered by Microsoft Exchange 2010. LiveArchive is a free business continuity solution that is constantly copying all your inbound and outbound messages as they are scanned by ExchangeDefender and in addition to delivering to your mail server or your mail recipients, it delivers to an enterprise deployment of Exchange 2010 in our data centers.

When your servers go down, or production environment is interrupted in any way, LiveArchive can be accessed through any browser or mobile web device and users can have access to up to 1 year worth of email (note: not a compliance or archiving solution)


When we went from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 we simply created a new environment and created all the users from ExchangeDefender user databases. You can access your old accounts and your old email at http://livearchive2.exchangedefender.com

Your new accounts are at https://livearchive.exchangedefender.com and they all hold the same username as the one in our ExchangeDefender portal. If you changed your passwords via Outlook Web Access keep in mind that the password will now be synced to our ExchangeDefender user databases and only supported passwords are the ones at https://admin.exchangedefender.com. We will soon restrict the ability to change the password through OWA because users forget their passwords and it creates an enormous amount of support issues.

If you are running into password issues when logging into LiveArchive today please use your ExchangeDefender password, not your OWA password or anything you may have reset it to via OWA. If you need to change the password please do so at https://admin.exchangedefender.com

Have a great weekend and we hope you love Exchange 2010!