We have received reports from a few partners that ExchangeDefender users are not receiving mail released from Quarantine. We are investigating into this issue and assure that no mail has been lost. If you experience issues in releasing mail from quarantine please open a support ticket at support.ownwebnow.com including the senders email address , recipients email address, and time stamp.

Update – Noon EST – We have resolved the issue that caused the release mechanism to fail, the problem has been fixed and as of about 11:30 the full functionality has been restored. Now a word from Vlad Mazek, CEO:

As we have widely blogged, we have been migrating from the old systems and old software with the release of ExchangeDefender 5. The final step, which was taken this weekend, involved removal of the old infrastructure at the core of the command center and as is usually the case with complex software, some middleware got in the way.

Just release the messages again and they will flow in. Furthermore, if you’re not familiar with https://admin.exchangedefender.com this would have been a perfect time to check it out, in ExchangeDefender 5 we do offer full access to SPAM so you can view it live without releasing – you can even reply directly from the site!

Again, my apologies about the inconvenience this has caused.


Emai: vlad@ownwebnow.com

Cell: (407) 536-VLAD