Over the weekend our reports service was under maintenance and reported all zeros. This issue has been addressed, things should be back to normal within an hour or so. I wanted to take a moment of your time and address the email reports again.

As usual, the 8 partners that have clients using this service complained, loudly. I have talked about this numerous times and heard the feedback but the fact remains that the life cycle for this feature has come and passed. Email reports are not timely, are not realtime, get caught by other filtering software due to their content and admin’s improper deployment, crash Outlook when they report thousands upon thousands of SPAM messages (volume of which is still growing), and are naturally ignored by over 99.9% of our client base.

If you have sold your client base or your employees on the email reports please inform them of the other, better, methods to access their junk mail. With ExchangeDefender 5 we will deliver a cross-platform desktop agent and a more responsive web UI, completely eliminating the need for digest mail reports. I know many of you will miss them, and they were a great solution for SPAM reporting back in early 2000’s, but with users receiving tens of thousands of messages a day this process is no longer supportable.

Please consider the following:

ExchangeDefender Client Software

ExchangeDefender Desktop Shortcut

Lastly, I would like to address a concern that a few resellers have brought to me regarding the “email reports as a competitive advantage” which may work against appliances but is still several levels below the functionality and value that ExchangeDefender delivers with the client software suite. We designed this software to give our partners and clients a huge gateway to the users desktop while allowing them to remain in the workplace environment they are used to. If you are not leveraging, branding, deploying and marketing these tools you are missing an incredible opportunity to demonstrate the value of the service you are providing – and price it accordingly.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp