There haven’t been many updates on the NOC site for quite some time, one of you noticed last Friday when we had an issue on the outbound network that was reported only once (SPAM load was too high that in turn corrupted a database and caused SPAM and real mail during a window to get delayed). The question is: Has OWN lost focus on the NOC site?

The quick answer is: No, we have not diminished the importance of the NOC blog.

The long form answer is that our service levels have improved significantly and with the improved staff, training, redundancy and several long-term problems addressed, we have not had many network events that warranted posts. The staff is busy working on the new products we will be launching this year and with the more aggressive growth in 2009 we have been far more aggressive in adding resources before the demand, not after.

As always, our service has improved thanks to your feedback and your continued business. We appreciate it all very much!