As of 1 AM EST / 7 AM GMT the monthly global maintenance cycle has been completed. Please allow up to 2 hours for routes to converge and new networks to be announced.

Among updates, features and bug fixes are:

– Provisioning for the new Los Angeles, CA and Chantilly, VA networks.

– Expansion of LiveArchive network.

– Fix for the ExchangeDefender routing network priority hack (for low bandwidth mail servers)

– Fix for Australia/Pacific routing group (* extending smtp_greet from 30 to 120 seconds to compensate for trans-Pacific)

– Extended nameserver network to improve load balancing.

– Provisioning for the new RR routing strategy for international customers with complex compliance issues (ex: “route all mail through UK, route through EU in case of network outages, never route outside of EU”)

It will take at most two hours for the routes to converge, during this time you may see delayed messages or deliveries out of sequence as the new paths are being distributed. You also may see delays in extended-outage-queues we use for disaster recovery (ETRN/queueing/spooling) mechanisms which are affected by all of the above but primarily the name server expansion.

These efforts are critical to the continued growth and reliability of the ExchangeDefender network. No downtime or outage has occurred.