We are currently running an experimental delivery process on ExchangeDefender mail that has been queued on ExchangeDefender delivery queue for over an hour. If our management system indicates that the target server is up and the message is continuously deferred/rejected, the message will be handed off to another delivery agent that will attempt to stream it through a different process.

To review, if the following conditions are met:

  1. Recipients mail server is up and running
  2. Recipients SMTP port is available and accepting connections (no greylisting).
  3. Message is older than an hour and smaller than 100 Mb.

.. our system will attempt to flush the message through a different system.

These messages may be malformed in some way and the recipients server never would have received them directly from a third party server. However, with ExchangeDefender in the middle, we believe we can attempt to compensate for the problems in the message.

What to watch out for:

Our redelivery queue currently stands at 14 days. It is possible that you will see messages that are older than just a few days.

Why are we doing this:

We have decided to get to the bottom of the sporadic issues that have been reported through the years and build a concise, managed system that monitors for clients server problems so support requests can have a more timely and adequate response. We will extend this Managed ExchangeDefender service as we go along.