Another installment of Monday updates on the state of our network and ongoing maintenance that takes place across our global network. One of the best parts of this job is that the challenges never stop even when most people in the world are taking a break.

Week in Review

Last week included extensive performance enhancements to our Enterprise Storage network and our ExchangeDefender network. Our ExchangeDefender network had a few network topology scenarios isolated that would create random mail delivery delays, something we have now addressed. Both our XD and ES networks struggled with a network hardware upgrade that really did not live up to the expectations. Unfortunately, when something doesn’t live up to expectations in an enterprise production network, discontinuing the use of that hardware is never a simple unplug – it is a slow migration and waiting for massive amounts of data to be replicated onto the replacement systems.

Great news is, our ExchangeDefender network and our Enterprise Storage network are now rock solid and we feel the additions and modifications over the past week will allow us to easily scale up the additional 30% we are predicting for the first quarter of 2009. Seeing what we’ve done with the “projections” in the past we are well under way to announcing the new Los Angeles data center currently being built out to support our ExchangeDefender network alone.

We wish you a Merry Migration

We are currently working on a massive upgrade to our virtual hosting infrastructure, the biggest one we’ve had since 2003. While this work is scheduled to last close to a month our first objective is to get the new hardware in place and move all the services to the new systems and establish a working baseline before performing the management software update towards the end of January.

Starting this week you can expect slight downtime (less than a minute per vserver) as the data rsync’s between the old and the new systems.