Every Monday we publish network operations task list, important events and issues we are working on. We hope these updates help you get more in tune with the efforts taking place on the backend to keep OWN at 99.999% uptime.

On behalf of the NOC team thank you for your feedback. Many of you ask why we only publish the negative and service-affecting issues. That is what this blog is all about, things that are down or are going down that we are trying to fix because they are supposed to work, always. But if we must brag, the upgrades and hotfixes on our Exchange 2007 network have been incredible, all systems have been rock solid for a while now without a second of outage. The recent update to ExchangeDefender XD engine are filtering out more SPAM than we’ve ever been able to with the record new lows in false positives. So much for the good news 🙂

Items we are working on:

Upgrades: Thanksgiving weekend is when we make massive hardware upgrades to our shared services infrastructure. As devices age we routinely replace them (even if they are in perfect functional order) so Thursday – Sunday will involve a lot of new parts replacing the old parts. There should be no system outage until we replace the load balancers and that switch will be announced separately in advance.

Offsite Backup Scaling: Our Enterprise Storage Network is growing again, there have been some sporadic issues that we are still trying to address with EMC.  Typical issues involve no email reports being generated because the backup job hangs at the last process (report email) and so far we’ve been able to isolate it to a write timeout.

Items that we are concerned about:

Exchange 2007 SP 1 Update Rollup 5: We will not be immediately rolling out the backup in production even after it clears our labs. We will be using the package on our intranet in production and the two volunteer sites before rolling it out to the remainder of the Exchange 2007 network.

See you in December!