Good morning and happy Monday! It’s that time of the week again, where we open up our NOC task list and sprinkle some pixy dist on the wishes that the entire network remains at 100% uptime.

Weekly maintenance was completed on Saturday without major news to report.

Issues we are currently working on:

ExchangeDefender XD Engine Updates: We are currently monitoring the new antispam engine that went online last Wednesday. So far the performance has been remarkable and false positive ratio went down as well. You may have read about a major SPAM organization bust that went down last week, knocking McColo portion of Hurricane Electric offline, and you also may have noticed that it only affected the SureSPAM counts. This is because we have had their network mapped out for a while, the parts we are really concerned and continue to work on are the SPAM counts. You should see a huge decrease in koi8/cyrillic based SPAM messages as well as the UPS/mail trojans thanks to the new AV definition update.

Web Hosting Infrastructure: Our web hosting infrastructure will undergo a major update to address stability issues encountered over the past two weeks. Between the firewall upgrade and the major storage firmware upgrade we’ve encountered an unusual conflict that at times spikes the load on the system and sites stop responding momentarily. This is unlikely something that was noticed by our user base but it should not be happening.

Outbound traffic shaping: ExchangeDefender outbound network is being upgraded to 4.0 this week so we can bring you more accessible outbound mail tracking, smart routing and policy controls including throttling. This is an internal matter that should not affect the production network at all.

Going Concerns:

Thanksgiving holiday in United States is when we make significant changes to the network, replace a lot of aging hardware and replace with new hardware. Expect the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday of (November 27, 29 and 30) to have additional latency as we make network modifications and swaps. Details of all changes will be announced on the corporate blog since it affects all users and all services. No downtime is expected, “Black Friday” will not be affected and will again have all caps removed on traffic and quotas as our show of support for the e-commerce organizations that reside on our network.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

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