Good morning and happy Monday! This posting is part of our effort to keep you more in tune with the network operations group at Own Web Now because you rely on our services and should be a part of the conversation.

Extended maintenance windows over the weekend have been completed successfully and have addressed numerous growing pains and performance issues. Biggest changes were applied to our Exchange 2007 network and all the systems are now performing remarkably well. We would like to thank Microsoft CSS Exchange team for all the assistance they have rendered over the past two weeks in isolating creeping and unusual issues with the product that we have never encountered before.

Issues we are currently working on:

ExchangeDefender Reports Replication – At times the replication between our master maillog servers and slave reporting servers tends to lag. Sometimes the replication lags beyond our tolerance and appears to nearly stall. We have not yet isolated the issue that is casing this problem but are monitoring it very closely and adjusting replication points.

Offsite Backup Scaling – We are preparing our offsite backup network for another product addition to the matrix. You may experience slight availability issues as the management consoles reload while changes are taking place. This process will not interfere with the execution of offsite backups because the backup agent software automatically reloads.

ExchangeDefender SPAM Load – New ExchangeDefender antispam engine went online last week and the detection has been improved dramatically. We still haven’t kicked it up all the way but expect to by Wednesday. We have had several complaints about the level of SPAM and in our investigation have found that almost all of them are related to end user stupidity – whitelisting null senders <> and whitelisting their own domain or email address. When you whitelist any address you suppress ALL SPAM detection mechanisms, so when you whitelist your own address you open yourself up to a ton of SPAM. We have a process that we are preparing that will automatically remove null sender and mirror trusts because those should never be programmed in.

Lastly, an apology to our Canadian clients. Last week we let the cat out of the bag about our Canadian offsite backup product. This site is not intended to serve as an announcement board for new products, we just want to keep you informed about what our group is working on. From time to time what we are working on may not match the business side of Own Web Now so if you have a product or business related question we are not the most authorative source to provide an answer.