We are continuing the “Case of Mondays” posts covering OWN infrastructure events we are working on so you can be more connected with Own Web Now. On behalf of the entire team thank you for the nice emails you’ve sent to us regarding this. As a result of such tremendous feedback will soon be opening a forum to continue the conversation throughout the week.


#1 DIY RBL: We are implementing new systems to help deal with the less and less responsive RBL department activity at major service providers. As a result of the SPAM problem many larger carriers have implemented their own SPAM RBL systems which have been proven less than reliable in managing SPAM. Due to the volume of messages sent by ExchangeDefender we tend to fall towards the top of the statistical profile for some of these providers and we notice issues even when there are none. At this point we are investigating complaints about Comcast. Hotmail and AT&T issuing random errors, though we are unable to successfully replicate the issue and their offices are either nonexistant (unattended web form) or don’t work during the weekends. We are working on this issue and hope the solution we are put in place is working.

#2 Too Much SPAM: ExchangeDefender SPAM levels are still higher than usual. Over the past two weeks we have shifted to our own honeypot system in addition to the external subscriptions we receive from others. Our Outlook 2007 addin allows you to submit SPAM, which virtually guarantees that you will never see that SPAM again. It took a lot of experimentation and management to get this into ExchangeDefender and we are still not at 100% on its deployment so you might see elevated SPAM levels though they should be dropping off significantly already. If you are tired of SPAM help us kill it, www.exchangedefender.com and click on New! Download ExchangeDefender Outlook 2007 Addin.

#3 Offsite Backup reports from Europe: there are still some inconsistencies successful email reports in our European offsite backup network as we roll out the new control panels and a new OSB product. Failed, missed and setting change reports from our Europe grid are coming through fine, but successful backup reports are still not being sent to 100% of the customer base. Solution to this issue is expected today and we are working on a workaround.


Issue with successful job Offsite Backup reports in USA has been resolved.

Issues related to Exchange 2007 back pressure has been resolved.

Issues with BT have been resolved.


We will adding an adaptive feature for outbound mail routing to address future #1 issues. This will be announced somewhere towards the end of the week and will require an adjustment to your SPF records if you use that technology. Because large ISPs do not use the same RBLs that rest of us use we have no ability to monitor them and proactively address issues. Going forward we will do manual monitoring and route mail through the IPs that do not appear to be affected by a single provider.

Going Concerns:

Tonight we will be rolling out master control panels for OWN services. This will give you full control over accounts and settings for our Microsoft hosting and Offsite backup services with centralized management. As with any software rollout there could be issues, we will be staffing extra support to address them all.

New Exchange grids coming online this week. We will be adding another Exchange 2007 cluster to the service which will require some documentation adjustments and modifications.