As a continued effort to keep you completely in the loop of all the events at Own Web Now we will start a new post series called “Case of Mondays” where we discus ongoing issues with network and any changes that are being made throughout the weekend Maintenance schedules to keep the systems running along as well as any issues that we are working on that might come up.


We are still working on British Telecom which is rejecting messages with Relaying Denied. In the meantime please create a separate SMTP connector and attempt to deliver messages to them directly. We are still working with them on daily basis to resolve the issue but their response so far has not led to a solution.

ExchangeDefender Outlook 2007 Addin is being improved towards 1.1 and fixes are being rolled up as well. Currently most issues reported have to do with 64bit Vista. Other issues are noted in the documentation (for example, do not install out of a zip file, do not install from a UNC/network share).

Shockey Monkey bugfix update is scheduled for this Saturday, 10/18/2008, with changes to the reports and email notification upgrades.


Offsite Backups reports are now functioning 100% across the client base. The issue of some reports (backup pass/fail) have been resolved by AhSay with upgrade to 5.5.1. You do not need to upgrade your agents to take advantage of this fix, the issue was on the servers not agents.

ExchangeDefender email reports issue has been fixed. There was a brief sync issue between the report servers and admin servers which resulted in delayed updates to the configuration changes. This has been addressed but we are also working on a completely different algorithm that can compensate for SQL replication issues.

Exchange 2007 backpressure problems have been solved by removing the feature on all servers.

Going Concern:

Tuesday/Wednesday nightmares continue this week with our Microsoft network. We are expecting 11 updates this week that we will be rolling out within 24 hours of successful testing.  Although none of the updates affect the server-side of the network (all are related to Internet Explorer and MBSA) we have a policy of keeping our servers up-to-date and will be applying the patches silently.

We have still not completed our evaluation of Exchange 2007 SP1 Update Rollup #4. The problems that we have reported still exist in the new code and at this point we do not see a reason to upgrade. Here are the outstanding issues we are tracking with Exchange 2007:

  1. iPhone sync crashes store
  2. Mailbox database dismounts without event log notification, service remains in running state.
  3. Store service hangs.
  4. Backpressure reports invalid data and does not respect treshhold definitions.