We must have angered the Internet gods because this Monday has been nothing short of tremendously disappointing. Pictured below is my staff working on the issues:


On to the specifics:

ExchangeDefender reports did not run last night and will likely remain offline until close of business today. We have had two switch crashes on our load balancers in front of our shared mail1 and www1 hosting services. Our offsite backup upgrade does not seem to be validating the certificate requests so https:// requests are failing (http:// still works fine, and data is encrypted on the client side so the transport mechanism isn’t as relevant – but if you’ve set https:// your backups are failing so we are treating this as a very serious issue)

Somehow, the roof is still above us and we have power. For now.

All the outstanding issues are being filtered through by my teams and will have service restored to 100% across the entire product portfolio – by the end of business today.

Update: As of 5 PM EST the ExchangeDefender reporting is back online, all the network issues have been resolved. The Offsite Backup service is still available via http:// but we are still working with AhSay to get the certificate issue resolved. Will update further on this as soon as I have more information.

Update: As of 11 PM EST all offsite backup grids now respond with the valid SSL certificates on the SSL port.

Looks like the ugly Monday is finally behind us.


Vlad Mazek, CEO