Earlier today we completed the rollout of 450 new servers to the ExchangeDefender family all over our American network. The introduction and initial sync of the new nodes did allow some junk through as well as introduce a slight today (maximum reported 1 hour from one system that nearly immediately went into maintenance mode) but as of roughly 11:30 AM EST all is good.

Additional 600 nodes are planned in our global expansion leading up to ExchangeDefender 4.0 launch. We are also looking at additional data centers on both coasts at the moment scheduled to go live this fall.

Update: 2:24 PM EST: We are happy to report that all the nodes have now converged in the scanning network and the SPAM filtering is back at its usual levels (and to be tightened up even further later tonight). You may have seen an increase in SPAM over the past few hours while the nodes were joining the network and accepting new programming but you should be seeing far less SPAM going forward.