We have several reports from our UK and Ireland customers of the rise in the amount of junk mail passed through ExchangeDefender this morning. Aside from a strain of CNN-forged SPAM we are not seeing any issues in ExchangeDefender nor do our stats show anything out of the ordinary at the moment. We are investigating the situation.

The SPAM regarding CNN is already in the filters and should be stopped going through further. For anything else that may slip through please forward the message with SMTP headers to spam@ownwebnow.com and we will gladly investigate it.

Update: We had a rule update that unfortunately offsite all the other CNN rules and let that junk through. The team is now filtering it through both the pattern search and hyperlink drop on the domains used to get traffic. We are seeing a few other SPAM strains getting more popular today as well (Wall Street Subscription scam, fake MSN alert to download Internet Explorer 7). All of these are now effectively being filtered by ExchangeDefender which undergoes thousands of updates a day but due to the CNN rules that have been changing a lot over the past few days, and in light of the six complaints we got this morning, we felt it was important to update in more detail than usual.

Update 2: We are seeing things under more and more control as we continue to filter out the strains of the three major junk items. As a matter of policy we do not publish our filtering technology or keywords or scores but we are currently tracking the variants of CNN, WSJ, Internet Explorer 7 and a few smaller ones.