Our Los Angeles data center carrier has suffered an HVAC failure, and the connectivity to the network has been severed for the time being. The facilities team is in touch with the building owner, service restore is under way. All services provided by this data center are unfortunately affected and down at the moment.

Services affected: some ExchangeDefender, some SharePoint Hosting, some Virtual Servers.

We will update this ticket when all services have been restored. This ticket is ranked urgent. Our priority will be to restore services that are not redundant first: virtual servers, followed by SharePoint hosting.

Update (@ 3:00 AM PST -8 GMT, 6 AM EST -5 GMT): We expect SharePoint and Virtual Server services to be restored around 6 AM PST (-8 GMT). ExchangeDefender services are not impacted (please be patient with SPAM releases however). We will update this ticket at 6 AM or when services start coming back online.

Update (@ 3:44 AM PST -8 GMT, 6:44 AM EST -5 GMT): All services have been restored.

Total LA DC1 outage: 53 minutes.