At roughly 5 AM EST (GMT -5) our primary backup proxy server in Dallas, TX went down for basic hardware maintenance. Upon restart, the primary RAID array controller lost its boot configuration and the system hung after all the drives were initialized. As you may imagine our backup infrastructure is huge and a restart can take up to 30-40 minutes to spin up all the drives over all controllers. It takes a while to determine the issue when all hardware reports correctly, the case was escalated and addressed right away.

We are sorry about the inconvenience.

Note: Our storage infrastructure does not follow the same maintenance interval as the remainder of our network. While almost all of our services have the least amount of usage during early Saturday morning hours (EST), offsite backups tend to have the strongest usage during those hours. Large backup sets are usually scheduled to start Friday afternoon after most 9-5 workers leave and it generally runs through the weekend. Likewise, we do global network snapshots over the weekend right before major maintenance tasks on the network. For this reason, our maintenance window for offsite backups is pushed up one day.