Generally this blog is used to document any and all activity related to something that is broken. Since things have been working quite well lately and we’re mostly on new projects and performance related tasks I wanted to update you on the status of the entire network.

ExchangeDefender – Solid. No issues, no latencies, no delays and overall flawless performance. Over the past week we have not had any delay reports that turned out to be on this end, we have had no DDoS issues to report, we have our lowest latency ever (between 5-10 seconds, network-to-network) and fewest false positives in a while.

Hosting – Solid. No issues, working on Exchange 2007 SP1 upgrades and 2003-2007 migrations as well as WSS2 to WSS3 migrations. We are working on integrating our new global points of presence in Australia and Europe and they are coming together well.

Offsite backups – Solid. No major issues, one patch and hardware enhancement scheduled for this weekend to help with large file backups.

VoIP – We are adding another IAX2 provider to our network, should become available shortly.

Training – Mostly scenario and interface tests for ExchangeDefender 4.0. Bringing on new materials, including Shockey Monkey 2.0. Web site undergoing a major update.

That is all. It’s so boring it already feels like the summer.