ExchangeDefender 4.0 engine has been online for a few days now and as of Monday/Tuesday night (USA) time we have addressed all the outstanding issues regarding latency, non-delivery, rejections and the garden variety of performance problems. Today we had a relatively flawless day, with the highest SPAM detection rate ever, lowest false positive day ever and just the best thing we could have hoped for given the very smooth upgrade.

With that in mind, we want to beg you to open a support ticket if you see or notice anything even minor with the performance and reliability with ExchangeDefender over the last 24 hours at most (don’t bother going back further than that as we cannot address the problems that have very likely already been fixed).

So here is to a great ExchangeDefender 4.0 engine. If you see anything unusual please open a support request and we will investigate it with the highest priority free of charge. We absolutely appreciate your help and the time you put in to help us improve the product.