We are currently in the process of bringing the next generation of reporting infrastructure to ExchangeDefender. The new grid is currently being activated, will be completed within two hours. This work is meant to create a more reliable way to deliver email reports.

We will update as soon as everything is back to 100%.

Update: (8:00 GMT, March 5th, 2008): Maintenance window completed after 53 minutes, 8 seconds. All systems are back to normal and are catching up. We expect the transaction latency to get back to realtime within the next 20 minutes. Update coming shortly on resuming of daily and intraday reports.

Update: (9:30 GMT, March 5th, 2008): Currently working on restoring intraday, daily and ondemand reporting features. We expect the work to be completed by noon, EST.

Update: (15:00 GMT, 10 AM EST, March 5th, 2008): Maintenance completed. Reports (daily and intraday) will resume within a few minutes (at 10 AM central) and will be faster than before. This also opens up a whole new range of reporting options within ExchangeDefender which will launch with ExchangeDefender 4.x. We will also make another offering available immediately to address those of you who have a critical need for ExchangeDefender reports.