The following is an update on the extended network maintenance on the ExchangeDefender networks spanning both ExchangeDefender Exchange Hosting network and ExchangeDefender SMTP Security networks. The work continues, full details on the changes, upgrades and enhancements will be published Monday:

Completed network maintenance tasks:

  1. Full implementation of split queue and RBL prioritization and resource weights completed.
  2. Throttle control of delivery queues completed.
  3. Sender watermarking completed.
  4. New AS engine and SPAM policy handling completed (99.1% effectiveness, 0 false positives against the new rules, lowest complaint rate at SPAM levels in history of the product, woohoo!)
  5. Slave server database management tools and self-healing systems online.
  6. Additional ExchangeDefender nodes online in Dallas and Los Angeles.
  7. Load balancer enhancements including traffic shaping of spamming networks through the ExchangeDefender staging systems for R&D completed.
  8. Enahnced logging for NDR, Reject, Malformed Headers, Data Format Errors and more.
  9. Network latency problems fixed.

Remaining tasks for Sunday:

  1. Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 rollout
  2. ExchangeDefender split queue delivery handlers with skipahead enabled
  3. Provisioning and testing of EU LiveArchive

on Wednesday (1 AM – 3 AM CMT, 6:00 – 9:00 GMT) we will be provisioning the new reporting server infrastructure and full integration into the ExchangeDefender core network/systems. This will allow us (and you) to directly manage the behavior of each filter on a granular level.

More on this on Monday.