We are currently investigating a critical failure on our offsite backup grid. Several nightly maintenance scripts that control retention area expiration and quota calculations are causing the backup process to hang and eventually stop taking requests. This causes backup processes on client systems to fail.

We are currently working on this, be advised that some customers that have their backup schedules running during periods of 1 AM to 2 AM EST (06:00 GMT – 07:00 GMT) would have had their backup fail. We are currently investigating the issue and will be updating this ticket with the further advisory when the problem has been isolated.

Update: Tuesday 8 AM EST (13:00 GMT) – we have been able to isolate and fix the issues with Offsite Backups with the help of our vendor. The server no longer hangs around 1 AM thanks in part to a hardware upgrade. As a precaution, we will be providing the same memory upgrade to all our systems which will cause slight outages over the next few days. We will advise on this site when such a maintenance cycle will be called, you should not expect to see any instability with the service.