We are taking the benefit of lower network utilization this weekend to perform some routine maintenance tasks. The maintenance will be comprehensive and include upgrades to our DNS, storage, web, domain controllers and virtual server networks. In effect, virtually every service we offer depends on these services and may experience a significant impact.

Our maintenance window will be extended from 2 AM – 7 AM EST to 2 AM – 9 AM EST and will also include an afternoon maintenance interval from 4 PM – Midnight, EST on Saturday, November 24, 2007. Everything with the exception of our storage network will be fully operational, with only slight service / performance degredation that might not even be noticeable given the low network volume during Thanksgiving holiday in USA.

Upgrades are routine in nature – swapping hard drives, new memory, new switches, moving servers to optimize power utilization and cooling and other general network maintenance and management operations.