The Own Web Now Corp Network Ops team has a new home on the web at

We have been planning this page for you, our customers and partners, for quite some time but decided to rush it due to the amount of feedback we received from you. So, what can you expect from this site? Constant, constant, constant network updates on availability, maintenance, emergencies and up-to-the-minute advisories on everything we do.

I want to ask for a favor. Subscribe to the global feed if you can but since we don’t want to overwhelm you with the amount of stuff going on at Own Web Now, I would like you to separately subscribe only to the services that you actually purchase from us. I have tried to boldface the important categories to the left, I hope they prove worthwhile to you.

This site also means the pending death of Own Web Now Corp email alerts. With the exception of the most important service notices, everything will be posted here instead of via email. If you are an “email person” and don’t like RSS feeds please check out Feedblitz, which converts RSS feeds to emails! While we cannot guarantee the availability or timeliness of Feedblitz I still wanted you to be aware of it in case it makes it more convenient for you to follow this site.

So, that is all. Thank you for looking around. Thank you for relying on our services. As I said, we did have to get this out ahead of schedule so you will see us bring more and more information to this blog as well as full integration into OWN Support portals, ExchangeDefender Administrator & SP Control Panels, etc. While this will be the central storage point of all alerts, they will be syndicated to the above mentioned sites.

Have a great day!