ExchangeDefender Migration Services

Migration Services

Everyone wants the cloud. Going from the existing infrastructure, legacy applications and massive amounts of data can be a challenge but when you add all the people and their mobile devices to the mix the project can turn into a real nightmare. This is a problem that ExchangeDefender Migration Services addresses through a professional service delivering a peace of mind with a predictable cost and all the work executed, managed and supported by our friendly team around the clock, around the world.

ExchangeDefender EMS Consists of:

  • Pre-migration consulting and project assessment
  • Configuration check and third party service adjustments
  • Full backups of clients existing data (optional)
  • Scheduling and coordination of the migration project
  • Execution of the migration service (mail & data move)
  • Post-migration cleanup, DNS configuration and service checks
  • Delivery of migration collateral and documentation
  • Full migration support for non-critical services
  • Ongoing platform support 24/7/365

Pre-Migration Consulting and Project Assessment

Key to a successful migration is meeting and exceeding client expectations. We often find it that clients typically have a functional communications and collaboration platform that simply overlooks problems under the surface. Our assessment is designed to expose potential problems, that when left unaddressed, can cause significant performance and functionality issues after the migration. Furthermore, by going through the existing infrastructure and expectations we can often determine better ways of going about work since many clients are using older versions of Exchange, SharePoint and Lync and are not leveraging the platform to it's fullest potential.

  • Determine the amount of data to be moved
  • Evaluate client devices, are they capable of using the new software
  • Evaluate overall security, is network migration possible without service interruption
  • Explain the migration process, new features and address any client concerns

Configuration Check and Third Party Service Adjustments

In our experience, migration process is more about successful preparation and discovery than the actual technical process of moving mail and documents. Since most organizations already have one or more messaging solutions and third party tools that run on top, multiple vendors and service providers need to be contacted to verify that everything will work after the migration to the new platform is complete. Nobody likes surprises with bad news so it's critical to identify issues and fix problems up front.

  • Obtain access to all the systems currently holding client data
  • Obtain DNS record control, third party solution providers (antispam, firewall)
  • Check that all systems meet minimum requirements and estimate migration window
  • Check legacy software, plugins, addins and custom tools
  • Check for any obstacles to a successful migration (vendors, tools)

Full Backups of Clients Existing Data (Optional)

Better safe than sorry - in migration context it's better to have a full snapshot of everything before anything changes than to lose potentially valuable items. ExchangeDefender Migration Services has a very thorough listing of all the items that are moved in the process but we can optionally also save the existing data for future reference in case the client has overlooked something.

Scheduling and Coordination of the Migration Project

Migration should not interrupt business operations but sometimes it is unavoidable. Even though ExchangeDefender works around the clock to make your migration successful, some clients may not. Even in the smallest companies the executives may be on the road with important devices and working through the weekend at the conference. Non-technical employees may ignore the instructions to leave their workstations on and end up shutting them down. Power outages, hard drive failures, system reboots and even the weather can happen. Stuff happens. The biggest reason to trust ExchangeDefender Migration is that we've been through so many of them that we have the experience to deal with the unpredictable obstacles and take the time to properly schedule, coordinate and manage the project from start to finish.

  • Plan the migration around clients schedule to avoid interruption
  • Clearly communicate which resources are needed and how to contact them
  • Involve third party providers and services ahead of time and plan contingencies
  • Outline the process, timeline, schedule special cases and VIP personnel exceptions

Execution of the Migration Service (Mail & Data Move)

The most technical and most time consuming part of the migration is the process of migrating mail and documents from where they are currently located to our network. Depending on the amount of data and the number of endpoints this process can take days to complete (don't worry, you will have full access to everything while this is going on in the background). Communication is the most critical part of this step as it involves constant progress updates and notification of any adjustments that are being made. With efficient planning, this is one of the smoothest steps of the process.

  • Access all client mailboxes and kickstart the migration
  • Configure all endpoint systems to access the new platform (Outlook, OWA Shortcuts)
  • Verify that new profiles are online and that everything is accessible

Post-Migration Cleanup, DNS Configuration and Service Checks

After the heavy data lifting is done, ExchangeDefender Migration Service performs end-to-end checks across the clients platform, computers, mobile devices and tests the new solution to make sure everything is working as planned. Our goal is to make sure our clients return to a familiar environment and start taking advantages of the new features immediately. The overall experience of the migration is a sense of continuity of business and we do everything we can to test and expose potential problems and fix them before clients experience any issues.

  • Move MX records to ExchangeDefender and test mail flow to the new network
  • Update/create autodiscover records and configure third party services
  • Create desktop shortcuts to ExchangeDefender services and install support software
  • Send test messages, port over client signatures and n2k autocomplete files

Delivery of Migration Collateral and Documentation

Once the migration is complete and everyone is on the new platform the new features typically leave clients wondering how to take full advantage of all the new stuff while working efficiently with the processes and ways they are accustomed to. Some people don't like change, some devices will not be replaced and sometimes things aren't in the budget. To help with the transition we provide migration collateral that gets our clients started with the new tools along full configuration description and support. This way when new vendors or personnel is involved in building a solution on top of our platform everything is detailed and outlined to minimize research and planning time.

  • Mobile device configuration documents with screenshots
  • Configuration data sheet (server names, IP addresses, records)
  • User access list and service accounts (list of all users, email addresses, etc)
  • Third party vendor contact list (collateral with contact info of everyone we work with)

Full Migration Support for Non-Critical Services

After the migration is complete and all the essential and critical services are online we work with our clients to address peripherals and other devices that may not have been under the original scope of the migration. This typically involves mobile devices or BYOD (personal devices owned by clients employees but not under direct control of the client), printers, service appliances and anything that involves our platform. We also work to address any issues that come up as a result of the migration along with continuous testing of the new solution to make sure everything is performing as it should.

  • Monitor the new platform deployment, check email delays or routing problems
  • Monitor client assets (PCs, servers) to make sure they don't run out of space
  • Assist in configuration of mobile devices and peripherals
  • Provide guidance and information to third party vendors client relies on

Ongoing Platform Support 24/7/365

ExchangeDefender Migration Service is just the start of the cloud experience. ExchangeDefender solution covers mail, documents, encryption, compliance archiving and retention management, global service redundancy and business continuity with a constantly evolving portfolio of solutions. We stand behind those solutions and we help our clients take full advantage of the platform have invested in so the migration is by no means the end of the process.

  • ExchangeDefender Support Portal & Email Alerts
  • Subscription to ExchangeDefender Network Operations Blog
  • Invitations to exclusive partner and client events and webinars
  • 24/7/365 support via support portal, phone and chat

Ready to go? ExchangeDefender Migration Services are available through our global network of IT Solution Providers. These organizations can help you determine if ExchangeDefender is right for you, help you with the network maintenance and management, licensing and hardware deployments and are always local. If you do not currently have an IT Solution Provider that you're working with please contact us and we'll be happy to recommend someone that you can count on.