ExchangeDefender: Web Filtering

Policy-Controlled Web Protection

ExchangeDefender Web Filtering provides policy-controlled protection from dangerous content on the web. ExchangeDefender was originally designed to protect users from SPAM and virus content distributed through the email but recently the threats on the web have become more prevalent. Web Filtering is agent based, allowing you to protect your users on the local network as well as on the go, across all web browsers. For administrative convenience there are over 80 categories of sites that you can selectively block access to and receive reports when your users violate the corporate policy.

ExchangeDefender Web Filtering is agent based and authenticated with users ExchangeDefender account, allowing you to set granular policies and deny access of specific users to specific web sites.


  • Agent-based web filtering with over 80 site categories.
  • Protection that works in office and on the road with any web browser.
  • Realtime per-user reports help isolate problem sites and resource misuse.
  • Custom URL lists allow for a flexible enforcement and exceptions.

How Does it Work?

Easy to Set-up and Use

Enable Web Filtering
Enroll a user in Web Filtering at under the configuration tab.

Create a profile
Create a user's web filtering profile by making a policy rule set for blocked categories and sites.

Download and install
Download and install the Web Filtering agent on the user's pc.

Log into the agent with the user's credentials for ExchangeDefender and the Web Filter will be working correctly and blocking the sites which were specified in the policy.

Managed Flexible Web Filtering

ExchangeDefender offers over 80 categories of web sites that you can selectively restrict access to. Some categories contain outright dangerous content (viruses, worms) while others have sites related to travel, weapons, finances, job boards and such. While dangerous content should be blocked uniformly across the company, ExchangeDefender allows you to define restrictions on a per-user basis as the business case requires. For example, while you may not want all of your users to have access to career/job posting sites like and during work hours, you may have HR staff that needs to access those sites to find new job candidates.

ExchangeDefender Web Filtering definition files are updated on an hourly basis and contain data from several worldwide leaders in web filtering software. By using these combined lists we can protect you from the broad collection of sites and keep the emerging threats from affecting your web experience. Furthermore, each user can also have a custom blacklist: a specific list of web sites they are not allowed to access. For example, if you do not wish to block an entire entertainment category but want to keep users from accessing potentially inappropriate content on in the workplace, you can only block and only for the users you define.

Agent-based Protection Beyond Corporate Networks

ExchangeDefender Web Filtering embraces the concept of mobility by providing agent-based technology that is far superior to the competitive offerings involving hardware and DNS-based blacklists. While these technologies can help with protection in-office, they leave laptops and netbooks unprotected when they are on the road. If a system is compromised while out of office, it can wreak havoc on the local network once the user returns with an infected laptop. ExchangeDefender Web Filtering extends the protection beyond the corporate firewalls and DNS blacklists with an agent-based software that cannot be bypassed by using a different web browser or name server.

Protect Business Assets & Maintain Professional Environment

ExchangeDefender Web Filtering has an application beyond protecting computer assets and keeping laptops from being infected while at home or on the road. The bigger case to be made for web filtering is in limiting users' access to offensive materials that could pose HR issues. Seemingly harmless pranks accessing vulgar content on corporate PC's as a joke can quickly produce a hostile work environment and implicate business owners that didn't take adequate steps to protect employees from such content.

There are many business-case scenarios that involve restriction of content and use of computers that extend to any workplace, from schools to law enforcement. By implementing access controls correctly, you can minimize access to objectionable content, eliminate profiling, corporate espionage or having your computers used for potentially illegal or personal activity.

Control Bandwidth Consumption & Keep Costs Down

Bandwidth, or the speed of the Internet connection, is one of the highest costs businesses face in technology. As all of our communication slowly converges onto the Internet by way of VoIP phones, instant messaging, live webinars and presentations, the demand for the bandwidth increases. ExchangeDefender Web Filtering allows you to eliminate access to high bandwidth applications and web sites that would otherwise compete for the Internet bandwidth and affect all the legitimate business communication being done at the same time.

By limiting access to file sharing, video and BitTorrent sites, you can quickly regain some of your bandwidth that is wasted on non-business functionality.

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