Offsite Backups Frequently Asked Questions

Offsite Backups FAQ's

Below are some frequently asked questions that we have compiled from our partners about our Offsite Backup offering. We hope that these questions will assist you with any issues surrounding Offsite Backups. If you still have questions after reading through the FAQ's, please feel free to open up a support request within our Support Portal.

Can I share my quota/storage allocation over multiple accounts?

  • No. Quota/storage allocation is assigned to a user and cannot be assigned to multiple accounts or shared. However, we do offer very low increments and you can get started with just 10 GB and grow as your needs grow.

I purged my retention area but my allocation has not gone down. How can I nuke my entore retention area?

  • Retention area deletion is handled through a scheduled nightly process. Ours starts at roughly 2 AM and proceeds until 4 AM each day. Because retention area calculations are extensive, it is impossible to immediately purge your whole account, even when entire backup sets are involved.
  • If you wish to delete all files and all retention area items and are on a tight schedule, please open a support request and we will do all we can to assist you immediately.

How do I log in to the web interface? It keeps on rejecting my username and password.

  • First, make sure that you have the correct username and password. They are the same as required by your AhSay agent login.
  • United States Backup Location:

  • Europe Backup Location:

  • If you only type in, you will be presented with the server administrator login the user login page. To get to the user login, click on User Login link in the top orange bar.

How do I troubleshoot scheduled issues or missed scheduled backups with Offsite Backup agent?

  • Please take a look at this page in the AhSay forums. AhSay OBM Scheduled Troubleshooting Tips.
  • If you still encounter issues please fell free to open a free support request at AhSay Support.

Where can I get the latest backup agent software?

  • The best place to find the latest backup agents is on the backup server over at Look for agents, documentation and help in the frame on the left.
  • The best place to find the latest published AhSay agents is directly from AhSay:

How can I reset my backup account?

  • The best way to reset your backup account is to login via the web interface and delete all backup sets. This action will delete all files and settings on your backup account except ownership information and monitoring report settings.

Can I backup multiple computers with the same username/agent?

  • Technically, yes, but it is not supported or recommended by our staff. However, if you have multiple servers that only you control and you don't mind the ability of one server to access the backup area of another server, you can install the agent on multiple servers and use the same username to store Offsite Backups. Just remember to give each server its own backup set.

Do you offer seeding services?

  • Absolutely. If you have over 100 GB to upload, you are welcome to send us a USB drive with the seed backup. If you have less than 100 GB, please feel free to upload it.

How do I flush/remove the retention area of Offsite Backup?

  • It is not possible to entirely flush out the retention area of the Offsite Backup. You can however, set the lower retention value (1 day) and wait for the system to flush the data entirely.
  • If this problem was caused by a mistake you have made while configuring the agent initially, we recommend purging the backup pool completely.

Why do users receive the following error: "Wrong agent type"?

  • Own Web Now Offsite Backup includes a license for Offsite Backup Manager only. If you attempt to use AhSay ACB agent, you will receive this error. To resolve, please switch to AhSay OBM instead.

I receive the following error: "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process".

  • Own Web Now Offsite Backup requires VSS to backup open files on your system. If you have turned off VSS service on your system, please enable it to get around this limitation.
  • If the error also includes the message: "Error - contact your service provider to enable [Volume Shadow Copy] support" please open a support request and we will address the issue on the server side.