Client Access Frequently Asked Questions

ExchangeDefender Client Access Suite FAQ's

Below are some frequently asked questions that we have compiled from our partners about ExchangeDefender Client Access. We hope that these questions will assist you with any issues surrounding the Client Access features of ExchangeDefender. If you still have questions after reading through the FAQ's, please feel free to open up a support request within our Support Portal.

Why am I not receiving my quarantine reports and when I login to the portal it is empty?

  • If your quarantine is showing as empty, then both your [SPAM] and [SURESPAM] have been set to either deliver or delete. Since this in essence either delivers or deletes all of your messages that are flagged as SPAM by ExchangeDefender, then your quarantine and its reports will be empty.
  • Note: Admins, please remember that even if you have a setting you're using as default at the domain level an individual user can use their access to override their setting.
  • In order to access this setting please go to your domain's "Configuration" panel by clicking on configuration and setting the "SPAM Action" setting to quarantine for all users.

Does the Outlook 2007 Addin work in Outlook 2003 or lower?

  • No, there is no planned development or support for any outlook client before Outlook 2007.

ExchangeDefender Outlook 2007 Addin installation fails with: The system cannot find the specific file.

  • You have encountered the following error during the installation of ExchangeDefender Outlook 2007 Addin:
  • Exception occurred while intitalizing the installation: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly file:///C:\Program Files\OwnWeb Now\Outlook SMTP Security\FBPSecurity.dll or one of its dependencies.
  • The system cannot find the files specifically.
  • Verify that the file exists and that the permissions are dealt correctly. If the file does not exist, please uninstall and reinstall the agent. If uninstalling is not an option, please open up a support request.

I am behind an ISA firewall neither Outlook 2007 nor Desktop agent will work.

  • If you are behind an ISA firewall, you need to create an authentication access rule from your network to
  • This is an advanced technology topic beyond the level so support provided by this knowledge base article. Please consult the following blog post:
  • This documentation is not produced or supported by Own Web Now Corp. Please consult a competent firewall engineer for ISA support.

When installing ExchangeDefender CSS from a network share the setup stops working.

  • You have encountered the following error during the installation of ExchangeDefender Desktop Agent or Outlook 2007 Agent:
    ExchangeDefender CSS cannot be installed from a network share. Due to the permissions modifications, ExchangeDefender must be installed from the local block device (hard drive, desktop).

Can multiple users use ExchangeDefender CSS on the same computer?

  • ExchangeDefender CSS software can be used by multiple users on the same computer that each user has a separate Windows Login. Only one instance/configuration of ExchangeDefender CSS is permitted per user because our settings are stored in the Windows Registry.
  • Note: None of the other circumstances are supported. For example, CSS will not work if you have your users login to individual Outlook profiles. If they share the same Windows login, there is no way to use ExchangeDefender CSS.