Exchange Essentials

Exchange Essentials

Exchange Essentials is a hosted communications platform designed and priced for a small business. With enterprise-class redundant Exchange 2013 platform clients get the best technology backed by the ExchangeDefender business continuity platform that guarantees your mail will never go down. Instead of compromising on technology and uptime, Exchange Essentials allows business owners to pick the plan that best fits their unique business requirements. You start with the best technology combined with guaranteed uptime at the best price and add anything else you may need.

Available exclusively through our ExchangeDefender Partner network, Exchange Essentials gives budget conscious companies a platform to build your business on.


  • Powered by Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Business continuity through Emergency & LiveArchive guarantees uptime
  • Enterprise-grade SPAM & Virus protection by ExchangeDefender Essentials
  • 10 GB - 25 GB mailbox quota
  • Flexible support and SLA options: phone, online portal, uptime & financial SLA
  • Centralized management with account changes applied within 60 seconds!
  • Outlook Web App & ActiveSync included free of charge
  • Flexible contract, no contract and pre-payment discounts

Speed & Management for Small Business

Small business owners are passionate about their business and technology should not get in a way of managing that business. Exchange 2013 Essentials central management console gives you full control over your entire Exchange 2013 infrastructure in a fast and friendly way:

  • Create or delete accounts in less than a minute
  • Manage all aspects of your service: distribution groups, external contacts, and public folders
  • Change mailbox passwords, add email addresses, and vanity domains
  • Add on Encryption, Archiving, Corporate Archiving & PST backup services

Business Friendly Plans

With most email providers, low prices are achieved by compromises on technology - by not using Exchange, relying on low-end SPAM filtering solutions or nickel and diming you on critical technical features like ActiveSync and Public Folders. Exchange Essentials is different in that we offer the best technology at the best price and let you choose which business services you cannot live without. Biggest costs in email service are not associated with technology but with people (sales, collections, support). If you know what you are doing, know what you want and don't need a personal butler - we believe you deserve a price break. We have three different plans to get you started and can order additional services as needed.

ExchangeDefender Essentials Plans

  • Exchange Essentials Bronze offers the best technology at the best price. By prepaying and using our online support portal when you need help you still get the best redundant Exchange technology money can buy without spending a lot. As with all technology there will be technical issues - so when they occur you will still have access to send and receive email through ExchangeDefender Emergency.
  • Exchange Essentials Silver gives you everything Bronze plans offers but without a prepayment or maximum of 30 users. If you need our help you can also call us from 9am-5pm EST and if there is a technical issue with Exchange you will have five days of email instead of one.
  • Exchange Essentials Gold gives you everything Silver plus LiveArchive business continuity with one year of archived mail, 24/7/365 phone and online support, larger mailbox as well as dicounts if you prepay. Considering the offering, this is our most affordable and most popular plan that gives you the most power and the most help when you need it. It also makes the most sense - with mobile apps, email SPAM reports, Outlook integration and business collaboration tools this solution also makes your employees most productive which is more important for some than saving a dollar here and there.

Guaranteed Uptime

Nobody can guarantee Exchange uptime without fuzzy math and hidden print. As Exchange hosting providers since 1997 we have seen our share of weird, unusual and "how is that even possible?" Exchange scenarios and that is why we built ExchangeDefender LiveArchive & Emergency - completely separate email infrastructure that replicates Exchange data in real-time.

As messages are processed by ExchangeDefender they are replicated: one copy goes to the target Exchange server and another copy goes to a completely separate infrastructure that is available in case of an outage. When there are technical issues and your service is interrupted, you will not be down with the servers: you will be working from LiveArchive and Emergency. With our Gold plan you get ExchangeDefender LiveArchive with one year of your email, contacts and calendars accessible via web, IMAP client or mobile device. With our Silver and Bronze plans you will have access to your email via web with the last 1 or 5 days of inbound and outbound mail, respectively.

Simply put, with Exchange Essentials you will never be without the ability to send and receive email.