About Exchange Essentials

Exchange Essentials

ExchangeDefender Exchange Essentials is an affordable solution designed with a small business mindset, needs and budget in mind: It's powerful, it's easy to budget and it's flexible enough to let you grow fast and pay just for the Exchange features you need. No two small businesses are alike and Exchange Essentials is a service that embraces that with a powerful Exchange platform that can be customized with just the features your business needs today, tomorrow or years down the road.

At the core of Exchange Essentials is a Microsoft Exchange 2013 platform that is massively redundant and scalable to power small businesses as they grow - your data is spread across multiple systems and multiple drives so your data can be safe and available even when we conduct routine maintenance. You still need to BYOB - bring your own backup - and work with an IT Solution Provider that will take care of it for you, you can never be too careful when it comes to your data.

Speaking of taking care of IT - we are here for you as your needs grow. Perhaps you just need safe, secure and reliable email today but when you need advanced SPAM filtering, business continuity, compliance archiving and 10 years of email search/backup or email encryption you can count on us. We develop, manage and maintain a full suite of products trusted by clients all over the world and we can do the same for you.


  • Microsoft Exchange 2013 Enteprise platform with distributed storage
  • 25 GB mailbox
  • Data redundancy across multiple servers & drives in a USA based data center
  • Friendly and knowledgeable Orlando based support and billing team
  • Use any version of Microsoft Outlook you want, no need to upgrade to Windows 10 or Office 2016
  • Full ActiveSync so you can manage your email on the go
  • Access to Outlook Web App turning any web browser into Outlook
  • SSAE 16 / SAS 70 Type II, PCI Compliant data center operations
  • Scalable feature set
  • Upgradeable to enterprise SPAM filtering, Compliance Archive & Encryption

What's the catch?

We'll be honest - we have been providing Exchange hosting since 1997 and we know how to build an Exchange organization. We're also a small business and we know that with budgets some things just cannot be a priority.

With Essentials we took an IKEA model: We started with a price and we worked backwards. What can we do to create as affordable, as flexible, as powerful of a solution that gives the most of what Exchange has to offer without a massive amount of effort? We came up with Exchange Essentials: If we can automate it we can make it affordable. If we can add it on later, as needed, you are in control of your budget and your bill. We created a cookie-cutter affordable solution that we feel fits the small business marketplace perfectly and we let you spend your IT budget according to your priorities. Need 10 years of Compliance Archiving, we have that. Are you a doctor that needs to make sure HIPAA violations don't happen with patient data leaving your network? We can get you that. Want to sleep at night knowing that no matter how much we mess up you will still be able to send and receive email in an IT crisis? We have that too. It is up to you and your trusted IT advisor to pick the right solution and pay only for the features you need without wasting money.

Exchange Essentials is a perfect starter Exchange offering. And when you need more, you're served by a company that powers some of the largest government and Fortune companies in the world. The choice and the power is all yours.