Offsite Backups

Profitability Best Practices for Offsite Backups

The cost of ExchangeDefender's Offsite Backup solution is lower than comparable server backup software alone. In our experience, we have found that our most profitable IT Solution Providers only offsite the most critical of data (financials, communications, contracts) and store the bulk of their local data on the local network.

Many Offsite Backup providers will force you to purchase expensive systems for on-premise backups. With our Offsite Backup solution you can use anything - from the most expensive PowerVault systems to the affordable Western Digital network drives. Because Own Web Now does not impose any restrictions on the offsite/onsite ratio you can create large backup sets locally and move only the critical data off site.

For larger institutions, our seeding and triple replication makes a huge difference. The ability to create an instant triple-redundant disaster recovery plan and have it fully functional by the weekend is something that guarantees a large premium for this solution.

Pricing and Competition

Utility computing storage has become a popular consideration for backup data storage recently but has not been taken seriously by our clients for the following reasons:

  • Utility companies have not yet come up with a good business model for seeding data and large backup sets can be difficult/expensive to seed over the Internet.
  • For recovery purposes, it is inconvenient and often impossible to have a backup set mailed to you (if you experience a data disaster and have to wait weeks or months for the entire set to download).
  • Most cloud data storage providers do not state how or where the data is stored, how it is backed up, how many redundancy options are built in or with what speed you can expect to retrieve large data sets. Due to emerging state laws and regulatory compliance statements, resellers are put in a position of having to assume liability if these questions are not answered clearly - something that Own Web Now provides in clear detail giving clients confidence to offer this solution.

We often hear our clients pricing the offsite backup product at 100% to 200% margin along with the service charge to set up the software. This model is highly successful because it is on par in security and quality with Iron Mountain's offering but does not require any additional software or hardware to be purchased or deployed.