Profitability Best Practices for ExchangeDefender

Based on feedback of thousands of ExchangeDefender resellers, the most profitable partners are the ones that fully embrace ExchangeDefender as a part of their managed services stack. Because the product is so versatile in terms of reporting, functionality, archiving, LiveArchive and more there are many opportunities to both differentiate yourself in the message hygiene marketplace and address client-specific problems. Here are a few key ideas to consider when integrating ExchangeDefender into your business plan:

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive: One Year Archive

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive will store messages for a year and then automatically discard the oldest messages. ExchangeDefender policy management console allows you to configure the interval per-user and scale ExchangeDefender benefits according to the service plan the customer is signing up for. You can disable LiveArchive for your entry level plans, offer 7 days on the Silver Plan and perhaps 30 days on the Gold Plan. For longer term archiving, such as three months or a year, you can actually charge a significant amount for this service.

Currently, our competitors at Google and Microsoft are charging approximately $18.00 per month per user for one year of archiving. Their system is further limited by the fact that they are not powered by Microsoft Exchange.

ExchangeDefender Annoyerizer and ExchangeDefender Outlook Addin

Deployment and training of staff to use these solutions should be considered a premium solution because no other company in the marketplace offers it. Business owners and managers are highly sensitive to missed or untimely delivery of email messages and ExchangeDefender tools that can be the key to differentiating yourself from other solution providers.

ExchangeDefender Annoyerizer can be deployed through Microsoft Group Policy (GPO) framework and ExchangeDefender Outlook Addin is fully brandable giving you another way to present your solution as unique for the client.

ExchangeDefender Pricing Policy

ExchangeDefender licensing can be leveraged to help you win competitive deals. Because we offer all the features in a single monthly license cost per user, you can give your clients the peace of mind that they are being fully protected from online threats instead of putting them into an uncomfortable position of calculating the risk of not opting for the additional features. With ExchangeDefender, you can add as many domains as you wish. We do not charge for vanity addresses, aliases, domain names or distribution groups. We do not charge extra for LiveArchive or outbound filtering. This upfront, all-inclusive offering has been the key to our success in competitive bidding.