Dedicated Servers

Profitability Best Practices for Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers tend to fit the high-end customers the best as they provide a reliable environment combined with massive bandwidth and processing power. There are however many situations in which the servers are sold in the SMB market as well for hosting of business-critical tools that cannot be isolated to a single location. Many of our partners leverage this offering for their own practice and their own application rollouts. Over the past 12 months we have seen a major increase in demand for virtualization platforms, allowing our IT Solution Providers to deploy virtual servers and host several clients on the same system.

If none of the server configurations seem to fit the bill, we can build anything you need. Our teams specialize in creating on-demand clustered configurations and load balancers to fit the bill and every need. If that is still not good enough, just ship us a server and we will rack it up for you!