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October 29, 2014

We have something new to show you

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It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since we launched our ExchangeDefender Migration Service. Thanks to many partners and clients who trusted us with their email we’ve been able to hear many compliments and even more suggestions about true problems employees face with email every day.

We’ve been in the lab for the past few months looking at how we can help and what we can do to eliminate those issues, improve productivity and create a more accountable email infrastructure that so much business gets done on. So we have something to show you and I hope you will join us for a webinar that covers it all:

Thu, Nov 6, 2014 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST



The biggest complaint we’ve received from end users is the overwhelming amount of non-human email that makes it’s way into the Inbox and at times simply overwhelms any actual communication that needs to be taking place. While there are third party solutions to address this trend they all retail for 5x more than even the reseller cost of ExchangeDefender! We’ve built it into ExchangeDefender Pro free of charge.

Needless to say, we look forward to showing you how it works and how much more your clients will love you for it!


Migrations was just the tip of the iceberg of dealing with email problems. The part that can’t be seen – and often gets ignored as a consequence – is the mounting cost and issue of archiving, encrypting, protecting, securing and auditing all the data that lives in employees Inbox.

While we’ve been selling encryption and archiving products and services for years, we found that implementation was often incomplete and did not get the constant tweaking and adjustment it needs to meet the requirements of the organization in the first place. We’re stepping up both the education and the “Service & Audit” controls as a part of an effort to enhance the value of our security solutions.

In closing..  as email becomes more critical, more scrutinized by the employer and regulatory bodies alike, grows in size and in importance to daily business – the old way of set it and forget it implementations is being challenged. At ExchangeDefender we look forward to leading both in education and actual feet on the ground, helping you with as much or as little client interaction as you need. As we have proven with a year of migrations, we can help our partners grow and now we also look forward to helping you expand the consulting portfolio.

Vlad Mazek

P.S. Yes, the webinar will be recorded and available for download shortly after the event.

March 7, 2014

ExchangeDefender & Exchange 2013 Essentials Changes

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ExchangeDefender Essentials and Exchange 2010 Essentials have been some of the most popular products in our portfolio for the past year or so. Originally designed as a compromise between “Enterprise” and “Essential”, the products were designed with IKEA principle in mind: “We started with the price… and built a product around it.”; Due to the products popularity and demand we have redesigned 2013 network from the ground up and would like to share the details of the changes that are coming up in April:

ExchangeDefender & Exchange 2013 Essentials
Wed, Mar 26, 2014 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT


On the original 2007 network we ran pricing specials as we reached capacity on our large scale clusters where we could fit a few hundred mailboxes before building another mailbox cluster. With 2010 we had an Essentials system that was identical to our Business setup but without data center redundancy and business continuity – something many could easily live without until they had an issue or their needs grew. During this time we were presented with many usage scenarios in which Essentials simply made a lot of sense.

With 2013 we are expanding the Essentials portfolio to present both new solutions as well as new pricing points to give our partners working in home and micro-business settings a way to create a solution that fits these new concerns. While the focus is clearly on paying only for the essentials, the business model will allow the client to compromise only in the areas they desire to based on the environment they manage – we have made many of the product features optional, adjusted the SLA, adjusted support and business continuity offerings, and a lot more that will be discussed on March 26th.

Please take a moment to register for the webinar and we look forward to sharing the new product suite with you!

Vlad Mazek
CEO, ExchangeDefender

January 24, 2014

ExchangeDefender 2014 Strategy Webinar

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It’s important for our partners to understand what we are doing, how and why. We put more priority than most other companies mostly because we are small and the only way we succeed is if our partners do as well. With the MSP and IT marketplace wondering which vendors are going to make it through the year all you have to ask yourself is if you will – because if you do so will we. Everything we are doing at ExchangeDefender (and Shockey Monkey) is about helping our partners grow faster. To hear about it in detail please download the webinar we recorded yesterday:

ExchangeDefender 2014 Strategy Webinar



Every partner I talk to is focused on growing their revenues. Unfortunately growth, as predicted years ago, is coming at a more expensive rate than it did years ago. Not only is there a smaller pool of customers to pick from but the talent is scarce as well – so you will spend more on marketing and more on staffing.

By taking care of migrations, customer service, billing and even marketing assistance ExchangeDefender can help partners acquire more business and deliver more solutions faster. While that sounds like middle management lingo the truth is that you can grow faster if you can deliver more because you aren’t doing all the work yourself.

This is why we are doing what we are doing – our partners look to us to take care of the time consuming, schedule inconvenient, error prone and delicate parts of managing email and cloud solutions. They look to ExchangeDefender to create accounts, move email, configure Outlook clients – all simple and trivial activities that are remarkably time consuming and take lucrative projects into barely breakeven business. If ExchangeDefender can do it for you for free, why would you want to do it yourself?

Limited Time Opportunity

SBS is dead. Microsoft has priced out the rest of it’s solution stack way out of the typical IT budget of a small or medium sized business and when you layer on the cost of management and the cost of IT talent you see why the change is so significant. Even sophisticated IT providers are looking at the onsite infrastructure as a pain point because talent to manage those devices and servers is so expensive and so difficult to replace, combined with the incessant marketing for the cloud it is a losing proposition on multiple levels.

Don’t misunderstand what we are saying – the “move to the cloud” is not something that will go on for years. Last massively deployed SBS version launched in 2008 and those servers are well out of warranty by now. Over the next 2-3 years most of those customers will make it to the cloud and past that point the “move” will no longer have a significant amount of clients to make it worth while holding 6 figure Exchange and SharePoint specialists on staff.

This is why we are doing what we are doing – providing migration and support assistance to help you get your clients to the cloud is our embrace of the marketing and the pressing need in the marketplace. At the time that everyone is demanding it. If you aren’t talking to your clients about the cloud someone else is and the time to move them is now – but should you hire people just for a short term project to get this done? We feel like we can help there as well.

Success Beyond Traditional IT

I am always asked by partners and IT folks what I would do if I were in their shoes right now. What would I focus on?

I, Vlad Mazek, would focus on building up a larger revenue stream. The more money you have coming in and the more profitable you become the more bets you can make. I don’t sit in your shoes and I don’t know which specific terrific opportunities you may have in your local region – but I know that the only way you can take advantage of them is if you have the funds to market yourself and the time (read: employees) to convert the opportunity into cash.

This is why we are doing what we are doing – our smartest and biggest partners realize that the bottom of the traditional IT is going to fall out from the profitability chain and will no longer drive value. However, if you hold on to your clients and help them with the mobile, cloud, devices and so on there is a way to sustain margins and move on up.

Tune in, join up

Download the webinar and hear us out – it’s remarkably easy to get into the cloud with ExchangeDefender and so many people are already marketing the solution to your customers that the sales and value proposition is already clear to them: They just need to know how you’re going to help them do it.

We are at the greatest point of SMB IT – you’ve never been able to build a more sophisticated IT environment for less – and many small businesses are jumping on the opportunity. This is your chance to be a part of it without having to do a lot of work, without having to hire a ton of people, without having to work weekends and most importantly: Without having to lose your clients to a third party or pricing power.

We believe that the opportunity in SMB IT has never been bigger than it is now: It should be evident by the fact that we are providing these services without any additional costs. We are literally putting our money where our mouth is: We want to reward our partners for years of loyalty and give you an advantage in the marketplace. Eventually we will start charging for the migration services as bigger and bigger projects show up but right now you have nothing to lose and lots of new business to gain. Call us and let’s get this started.

Vlad Mazek
CEO, ExchangeDefender

January 21, 2014

ExchangeDefender Q1 Meeting

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talkaboutxdExchangeDefender is off to a fantastic start and we wanted you, our clients and partners, to benefit from the developments we have under way. We’re strongest and most profitable when we work together and the opportunities we are identifying now will not be open for a very long time so tune in and hear what we’re doing in 2014:

Thursday, January 23, 2014 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST


ExchangeDefender and Shockey Monkey are taking on new challenges in 2014, the problems businesses face with cloud and mobile services are drastically different than they were in the traditional office client-server-LAN model. As a partner-only company we want you to be on the same page and understand how we can help you grow going forward.

Webinar will be recorded and available on Thursday in our recorded webinars section of the Social tab.

Brief Agenda

Our Q1 meeting will cover the business and technical developments on Q1 and Q2 agenda. Namely, we are doubling down on what works and cutting what doesn’t. Here is the webinar schedule:

Migration Sales Conversation – Role play of MSP and CIO conversation, how to effectively position the migration service in the language that a business owner can undertand. We’ll go over how to explain the process, describe the new service, inform them of the events that will take place during the process and how the problems will be addressed.

Shockey Monkey Update – Brief discussion on the Shockey Monkey strategy and implementation of new integrations with ExchangeDefender, iPhone, Android, internationalization (new languages), wider release of the Unicorn and direct partner model for Shockey Monkey sales to any small business that could use it.

ExchangeDefender Compliance Strategy – Update about the changes to ExchangeDefender Pro and our suite of compliance, failover, backup and file sharing/sync services. We will discuss the way ExchangeDefender creates a platform for secure and compliant communications.

This will be an event for both your techies and your business staff, the opportunity we have to help our partners to get into the cloud the right way and keep the clients protected and compliant with regulatory requirements is a lucrative one – and we are putting all our resources behind you.

See ya on the webinar!


Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, ExchangeDefender

December 9, 2013

ExchangeDefender Q4 Call Summary

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xd2014Last week we held our latest partner call for the year and announced a number of solutions that you have been asking for. We have two new products that our partners have been very successful with and we’re now opening them to our entire partner base. I encourage you to download and listen to the webinar because we go over quite a bit, as we will on the blog in the coming days:

ExchangeDefender Q4 Partner Briefing


11:13 Exchange Essentials 2013
16:54 Exchange for Business
24:52 Exchange Defender Android & iOS
30:10 2014 For Us
34:01 2014 For You: Threats
37:37 2014 For You: Opportunities

That said, here is a brief summary:

Exchange Essentials 2013 – We are launching an affordable Exchange 2013 offering to help you compete with inferior Exchange hosting solutions. There is no pretty way to put this – some people don’t think they need data center redundancy, full ExchangeDefender, SharePoint/Lync, compliance or business continuity. We have been offering Exchange 2010 Essentials for years and now we’re adding 2013 to that portfolio at $7.99/mbox: easy, redundant clustered infrastructure, ExchangeDefender Essentials and our 24/7 support.

Exchange for Business – The exact opposite of Exchange Essentials, this is the full suite with our best failover, business continuity, business tools like Compliance Archiving & Encryption. But there is more: this is a concierge deployed service – we will migrate your clients data and their configuration if you’d like but we’ll definitely take care of setting up all the services for you and confirm everything is setup as it should be. We find it that some of the larger accounts don’t quite cross their t’s and dot their i’s so we will make sure we have someone here to manage this rollout end to end and make sure it’s deployed right. Since it’s going to save us some support costs and time we’re knocking off $1/month off what it would cost you to put these products together separately. Keep in mind that competitive solutions for archiving start at $10 by themselves so charging less than $25-35/month for this $16.99 offering would be considered a pretty big Christmas present on your part.

ExchangeDefender Mobile for Android and iPhone – And now on to something free: ExchangeDefender is coming to mobile in a big way and our iPhone and Android apps will be on your devices in time for the holiday break (depending on the Apple store approval). We are bringing quarantine access, SPAM management and previews, LiveArchive and other stuff to the app to give your clients a better handle on email. We are looking for ideas and suggestions but we already have plans to integrate LocalCloud, Compliance Archiving search and more right in the app so all of your information is always at hand. There are no plans for Blackberry or Windows Phone versions at this time due to each platform making up less than 1% of our current mobile user base.

Brief note on availability: We will be open during the last week of the year but we will be working on a skeleton crew while everyone will be in training December 30th – January 3rd. During this time most of the sales staff will only be available for an hour or two on the phone and executives might only be available after hours. It is important for us to get 2014 started right so these days of training and planning will take precedence over regular operations.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, ExchangeDefender

November 26, 2013

ExchangeDefender Q4 Partner Webinar

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Thank you for your business and another fantastic year. We want to help you close out the quarter and 2013 strong – so we would like to invite you to a webinar that will cover a lot of ground in terms of development, service implementations, new service launch and some marketing information.

    Thursday, December 5th Noon-1PM EST

We know things tend to slow down in December as folks close books, work from home, plan the new year and so on – so if you can’t make it, it will be available for download same day. If you can make it to the live webinar we have some surplus swag so come help us give away the last few tablets we have laying around.

On the side..

dinnertimeI had a chance to attend the ConnectWise conference earlier this month and talk to some of our larger partners that were surprised with everything that we do at ExchangeDefender and how much more business we can help drive through our solutions. These best practices, the experience from the field, the partner input and feedback is how we build this company and how we channel it to help our partners grow and win.

Thing is, very few partners actually leverage everything we put together and the long tail at ExchangeDefender is indeed very long. We do our best to blog, present webinars, attend conferences and produce content that is available all over the place. But in order for it to be effective in your organization there needs to be a level of discipline in reviewing and aligning these solutions with your business. We have the benefit of tons of partners that work with us and help us fine tune our products and features – and we spend a lot to make sure it gets to you.

Which brings me to my point – I know that time is scarce and that you can’t track all your vendors at once or go over quarters worth of information all the time. We have staff whose sole job is to create specialty presentations and webinars, meet with your technical and sales staff, help with custom solutions and presale consulting as well as with your end users. As your partner, not competitor, we are here to help you win, but if you’re interested you gotta let us know.

We’re doing all we can to reach you and I’d like to ask a favor: If we aren’t reaching you please let me know why. If we aren’t getting you the info you need through our blogs, newsletters, partner emails, custom webinars, web site, support portal, Facebook, Twitter, community events, seminars and so on I’d love to hear what else we could be doing.

October 10, 2013

ExchangeDefender Migrations & Support Business Model

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ExchangeDefender Migrations & Support Services is off to an incredible start. But I’ll be first to admit that as usual, marketplace adoption of our solution is slightly different from the way we expected it would be. This webinar will briefly explain our services and business model and then dive deeply into the way our Migrations & Services business has been adopted so far by our partners and how everyone is leveraging these services for a profit. No two small business IT Solution Providers are alike – there are MSPs, ISVs, VARs, specialists, technicians, large IT departments and small contractors to Fortune 500 that are leveraging our services to deliver solutions to teams small and large – and one thing they all have in common now is that they have a partner that can help them scale and quickly offer cloud solutions that are not just latest and greatest but also supported and implemented end to end:

ExchangeDefender Migrations & Support Webinar


01:52 What’s new
05:47 Migration Services
08:30 Does it make sense?
10:14 Support Services
12:45 Does it make sense?
14:53 Promotions, Strategy, Win-Win
16:39 Migration Overview
23:08 Migration Overview
25:47 Profit Opportunities
29:10 Migration Fees
33:36 Migration Assistance
38:06 Migration Parallel Tasks
47:28 Cloud = No More IT Problems?

I cannot stress this enough: This is an invitation to a partnership. Migrations & Services is not a product you pick off the shelf and throw into an invoice – it is a project oriented rollout where we do as little or as much as you would like us to do. We can do the migration. We can do the support. We can do the software rollout. We can move the email. We can manage the DNS and manage the VIPs that need their iPhone and iPad configured. We can even bill the client and pay you a commission. We can do anything and everything you want us to do: But the point is that you can build a huge business by being a part of this. Let’s talk.

ExchangeDefender Migrations & Support Services are about giving you scale. About giving you freedom and time to pursue more profitable ways to be more valuable to your clients while leaving the complex, annoying, time consuming and frankly thankless tasks to us. Please download the webinar and hear what our partners have done with us so far, how they are structuring these deals, what they are charging for it, how they are executing side projects and how everything works in real life.

I urge every single one of you reading this post to email me at vlad@ownwebnow.com and sit down for a conversation about what this can do for you. No pressure, no sales quota (after all, you’re talking to the boss), no tricks, schemes or purchase required: This is the biggest opportunity we are presenting to our partners in the 16 year history of our business and I am personally the one spearheading this effort because without you none of this would ever be possible.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp

August 5, 2013

ExchangeDefender Managed Launch

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We are holding a very special webinar on August 28th to announce the launch of a new service to supplement our ExchangeDefender Exchange, SharePoint and Lync offering. If you currently work with ExchangeDefender and have a growing business I cannot possibly encourage you more than to attend this event and learn what we are doing to make it possible for you to grow faster. Please register as soon as possible as seating is limited and recording will be available only to active partners:

Wed, Aug 28, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM EDT


Seriously, if you attend one webinar of ours this year.. make it this one. People have been begging us to offer these services through our partners since the launch of Managed Messaging last year and we’re going at it 100%.

We have a limited availability of the new services we will be announcing and they will be limited to our active partners as we hire on more people and scale the service out to meet the demand that we expect to be off the charts.

If you have not had a chance to hear our last webinar, please take a look at it. We have spent the past 9 months on reengineering our new solutions and implementing a new level of discipline across the organization including the SSAE16 audit. The amount of work, efford, training and migrations we have executed has prepared us to take this next leap into helping our parters grow faster.

As you will hear me say repeatedly during the webinar, the time to gain a massive market share in the cloud is now. This is likely the only time you will get to properly position your solution as the one that has support backing and is designed and managed for business, not for freebie advertising sales. While we do not have anything against the solutions offered by Microsoft and Google, the problem businesses have with communications are far different than those of consumers and everyday email consumers. Communication is critical to a business, as is compliance, protection from lawsuits and ability to enforce corporate policies, encrypt sensitive information and have an organization that will answer the call and help with an email issue any day.

Please join us. We feel that the hundreds or thousands of dollars you will earn on the very first deployment are well worth being there. You need to understand the business model and we are here to help you build around it.

July 9, 2013

ExchangeDefender Unified Webinar

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With the summer heat in full swing, our infrastructure upgrades and platform changes that started around Thanksgiving of last year are nearly done. The demand for ExchangeDefender, Shockey Monkey and other services has been way ahead of our projections which has slowed things down a bit but gives us a platform to address the growth we believe will be driven by the next wave of upgrades.

In the past few months we have launched Exchange 2013 and retired Exchange 2007, upgraded ExchangeDefender Compliance Archiving, Encryption, Reporting, Outlook and Destkop Agents, Unicorn/Business Monitoring and retired/upgraded several tons of hardware across our data centers worldwide. Now we’d like to tell you why:

ExchangeDefender Unified Webinar

Thursday, Jul 25th, noon – 1pm


Please take the time to register for the webinar; even if you cannot make it, the recordings will be posted online shortly.

To answer the burning question: No, ExchangeDefender is not migrating with Shockey Monkey or anything of the sort. However, in the past our services (which stretch from business services to development to software services to actual development platform) may have been harder to consume and sell than they should be. I believe we’ve fixed that over the past few months. The big topic now is the unification of everything we do under the same development and integration track so you can easily rely on us for as little or as much service as you need.

I may also mention a few new things we’re up to during the presentation Smile

Vlad Mazek
CEO, ExchangeDefender
877-546-0316 x500

June 21, 2012

ExchangeDefender Gold Launch

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During our last quarterly meeting, held under NDA, we announced the launch of additions to our portfolio in the areas of storage, systems management, encryption, support and more. Many of the attendees participated in the beta of these services and we’re glad to announce that due to your help we’ve been able to move faster and bring these services to market faster. I want to update you on the progress and announce general availability:

June 27th, 2 PM – 3 PM


* NDA Required. Event will not  be recorded.

The event will be roughly 20 minutes in length with the remainder of the hour for Q&A. We’re still getting tons of feedback and suggestions and while we are committed to shipping these solutions sooner than later, we do want to make sure the partners that participate in this development have a market advantage.

Active attendees and companies providing feedback during these stages will be receiving additional discounts, incentives and marketing assistance from ExchangeDefender.

Pretty simple – you help us, we help you!

P.S. I expect to share some information about how our Managed Messaging service is taking off, some industry alliances/partnerships that you may have heard through the grapevine, update on our SM roadmap and more.

Vlad Mazek
CEO, Own Web Now Corp
(877) 546-0316 x500

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