ExchangeDefender team is hitting the road again this month and we’d love to see you. We will be at the Automation Nation / Labtech event in Orlando, Datto event in Las Vegas and Autotask conference in Miami. If you’re planning to attend any of these events please stop by, we’d love to see you.

Why do we sponsor these events?

roadcloudHistorically, we have sponsored IT trade shows as a method of leads generation – we wanted to partner up with IT solution providers across the globe and help deliver email security solutions everywhere. Our approach and our reason for attending events changed last year.

Last year we made a decision to close our partner program to new solution providers and focus on helping our existing partner base thrive. This is an organization-wide effort with almost every department exclusively focused on helping our loyal partner base grow faster. Last fall we launched the ExchangeDefender Migration & Support service which gives us the ability to deliver our solutions on our partners behalf directly to the end user – allowing the partner to grow faster and be far more profitable with larger projects. We are no longer at trade shows to get new partners, we are at the trade shows to talk to partners about what is working and how to become more effective as a team.

If you do attend an event and would like to sit down with one of us for a longer conversation – let us know. We would love to talk about how our products and services are working around the world, how different verticals are being served, how these solutions are presented and sold. It’s a massive effort – and one that has a great deal of variety from business to business.

Our team is hitting the road to see you face to face, if you’d like to know more come and see us. If you can’t make it to these by all means, call us and email us, we’d gladly do whatever we can to help.


Vlad Mazek

CEO, ExchangeDefender