xd2014Last week we held our latest partner call for the year and announced a number of solutions that you have been asking for. We have two new products that our partners have been very successful with and we’re now opening them to our entire partner base. I encourage you to download and listen to the webinar because we go over quite a bit, as we will on the blog in the coming days:

ExchangeDefender Q4 Partner Briefing


11:13 Exchange Essentials 2013
16:54 Exchange for Business
24:52 Exchange Defender Android & iOS
30:10 2014 For Us
34:01 2014 For You: Threats
37:37 2014 For You: Opportunities

That said, here is a brief summary:

Exchange Essentials 2013 – We are launching an affordable Exchange 2013 offering to help you compete with inferior Exchange hosting solutions. There is no pretty way to put this – some people don’t think they need data center redundancy, full ExchangeDefender, SharePoint/Lync, compliance or business continuity. We have been offering Exchange 2010 Essentials for years and now we’re adding 2013 to that portfolio at $7.99/mbox: easy, redundant clustered infrastructure, ExchangeDefender Essentials and our 24/7 support.

Exchange for Business – The exact opposite of Exchange Essentials, this is the full suite with our best failover, business continuity, business tools like Compliance Archiving & Encryption. But there is more: this is a concierge deployed service – we will migrate your clients data and their configuration if you’d like but we’ll definitely take care of setting up all the services for you and confirm everything is setup as it should be. We find it that some of the larger accounts don’t quite cross their t’s and dot their i’s so we will make sure we have someone here to manage this rollout end to end and make sure it’s deployed right. Since it’s going to save us some support costs and time we’re knocking off $1/month off what it would cost you to put these products together separately. Keep in mind that competitive solutions for archiving start at $10 by themselves so charging less than $25-35/month for this $16.99 offering would be considered a pretty big Christmas present on your part.

ExchangeDefender Mobile for Android and iPhone – And now on to something free: ExchangeDefender is coming to mobile in a big way and our iPhone and Android apps will be on your devices in time for the holiday break (depending on the Apple store approval). We are bringing quarantine access, SPAM management and previews, LiveArchive and other stuff to the app to give your clients a better handle on email. We are looking for ideas and suggestions but we already have plans to integrate LocalCloud, Compliance Archiving search and more right in the app so all of your information is always at hand. There are no plans for Blackberry or Windows Phone versions at this time due to each platform making up less than 1% of our current mobile user base.

Brief note on availability: We will be open during the last week of the year but we will be working on a skeleton crew while everyone will be in training December 30th – January 3rd. During this time most of the sales staff will only be available for an hour or two on the phone and executives might only be available after hours. It is important for us to get 2014 started right so these days of training and planning will take precedence over regular operations.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, ExchangeDefender