Thank you for your business and another fantastic year. We want to help you close out the quarter and 2013 strong – so we would like to invite you to a webinar that will cover a lot of ground in terms of development, service implementations, new service launch and some marketing information.

    Thursday, December 5th Noon-1PM EST

We know things tend to slow down in December as folks close books, work from home, plan the new year and so on – so if you can’t make it, it will be available for download same day. If you can make it to the live webinar we have some surplus swag so come help us give away the last few tablets we have laying around.

On the side..

dinnertimeI had a chance to attend the ConnectWise conference earlier this month and talk to some of our larger partners that were surprised with everything that we do at ExchangeDefender and how much more business we can help drive through our solutions. These best practices, the experience from the field, the partner input and feedback is how we build this company and how we channel it to help our partners grow and win.

Thing is, very few partners actually leverage everything we put together and the long tail at ExchangeDefender is indeed very long. We do our best to blog, present webinars, attend conferences and produce content that is available all over the place. But in order for it to be effective in your organization there needs to be a level of discipline in reviewing and aligning these solutions with your business. We have the benefit of tons of partners that work with us and help us fine tune our products and features – and we spend a lot to make sure it gets to you.

Which brings me to my point – I know that time is scarce and that you can’t track all your vendors at once or go over quarters worth of information all the time. We have staff whose sole job is to create specialty presentations and webinars, meet with your technical and sales staff, help with custom solutions and presale consulting as well as with your end users. As your partner, not competitor, we are here to help you win, but if you’re interested you gotta let us know.

We’re doing all we can to reach you and I’d like to ask a favor: If we aren’t reaching you please let me know why. If we aren’t getting you the info you need through our blogs, newsletters, partner emails, custom webinars, web site, support portal, Facebook, Twitter, community events, seminars and so on I’d love to hear what else we could be doing.