We are proud to present the first release of the new Client Software infrastructure that is starting to include all of our ExchangeDefender solutions under one look and experience. As I’ve explained before, we are bringing the same ExchangeDefender web experience to your Desktop/Outlook as well as the mobile world of iOS and Android. Lot’s of new stuff so let’s get started.

Branding: The most demanded feature for the Outlook and Desktop addin. You don’t have to customize things either, all the product names, logos and colors will be pulled down from ExchangeDefender based on the user login.


We are adding search as well as message previews to ExchangeDefender quarantines. This gives our clients true, live access to the SPAM quarantine and makes the system respond in realtime along with the ability to instantly print, whitelist or deliver the message.


Previews are great for clients that need immediate access and don’t want to waste tons of time waiting for emails to be released and delivered to their Inbox – they can access them right away!

Speaking of the need for realtime alerts, some of our clients really liked old email reports because they would get that daily reminder of all their SPAM. We’ve introduced a new feature with the ExchangeDefeder Outlook addins (desktop has had it for years) that will pop up a reminder that there is new SPAM waiting for you every 30 or 60 minutes.


LiveArchive & Compliance Archive

Just one more.. well, two more things. We are adding access to LiveArchive and ComplianceArchive so it’s never more than one click away.

LiveArchive will give you a one click access to the full web experience of a fully functional webmail client now with contacts, appointments and a year of your email.

Compliance Archiving is being embedded right into the product – you will be able to quickly locate, open and even filter down messages by subject, sender, recipient and date. This will allow people with very large mailboxes to quickly get to the messages that may have been received years ago with a quick search.


One of the biggest improvements in the actual infrastructure of the Desktop and Outlook 2010 & 2013 addins is that the addin will automatically update itself whenever a new version is released. Unfortunately, you will have to uninstall the existing addin and install the new one from here, but this will be the last time!

As always, all our software is available for download here.

Hank Newman

VP, Development