ExchangeDefender Migrations & Support Services is off to an incredible start. But I’ll be first to admit that as usual, marketplace adoption of our solution is slightly different from the way we expected it would be. This webinar will briefly explain our services and business model and then dive deeply into the way our Migrations & Services business has been adopted so far by our partners and how everyone is leveraging these services for a profit. No two small business IT Solution Providers are alike – there are MSPs, ISVs, VARs, specialists, technicians, large IT departments and small contractors to Fortune 500 that are leveraging our services to deliver solutions to teams small and large – and one thing they all have in common now is that they have a partner that can help them scale and quickly offer cloud solutions that are not just latest and greatest but also supported and implemented end to end:

ExchangeDefender Migrations & Support Webinar

01:52 What’s new
05:47 Migration Services
08:30 Does it make sense?
10:14 Support Services
12:45 Does it make sense?
14:53 Promotions, Strategy, Win-Win
16:39 Migration Overview
23:08 Migration Overview
25:47 Profit Opportunities
29:10 Migration Fees
33:36 Migration Assistance
38:06 Migration Parallel Tasks
47:28 Cloud = No More IT Problems?

I cannot stress this enough: This is an invitation to a partnership. Migrations & Services is not a product you pick off the shelf and throw into an invoice – it is a project oriented rollout where we do as little or as much as you would like us to do. We can do the migration. We can do the support. We can do the software rollout. We can move the email. We can manage the DNS and manage the VIPs that need their iPhone and iPad configured. We can even bill the client and pay you a commission. We can do anything and everything you want us to do: But the point is that you can build a huge business by being a part of this. Let’s talk.

ExchangeDefender Migrations & Support Services are about giving you scale. About giving you freedom and time to pursue more profitable ways to be more valuable to your clients while leaving the complex, annoying, time consuming and frankly thankless tasks to us. Please download the webinar and hear what our partners have done with us so far, how they are structuring these deals, what they are charging for it, how they are executing side projects and how everything works in real life.

I urge every single one of you reading this post to email me at and sit down for a conversation about what this can do for you. No pressure, no sales quota (after all, you’re talking to the boss), no tricks, schemes or purchase required: This is the biggest opportunity we are presenting to our partners in the 16 year history of our business and I am personally the one spearheading this effort because without you none of this would ever be possible.

Vlad Mazek, MCSE
CEO, Own Web Now Corp