Recently, ExchangeDefender announced its new Migration and Support for Service Providers offering. The very thought of migrating a company’s business messaging solution to another platform (i.e. a different vendor or to the cloud) can send a client over the edge—if not properly informed about process and set at ease by you, the partner. After deciding that your client’s business messaging solution isn’t up to par, it’s your duty as their technology expert to seek out a well established alternative that offers all the features that are required for a secured and compliant messaging solution—namely, ExchangeDefender! But what happens after you found ExchangeDefender and you need to migrate their existing email platform over to ExchangeDefender’s Hosted Exchange 2013 platform? That is where our new Migration and Support Services comes in!

What’s Included in the Migration and Support Service?

By developing the Migrations and Support solutions, we have essentially removed yet another large thorn from our partners’ side. Now you can offer your potential (and existing) client base a hosted exchange solution powered by ExchangeDefender with migration support as well. ExchangeDefender staff will plan and execute the migration of your client’s data and configuration on behalf of your company. This includes:

Pre-migration consulting & assessment;

Configuration check, migration scope;

Schedule migration;

Provisioning new mailboxes;

Adding existing forwarders, aliases, and distribution groups;

Provide migration collateral to end users;

Execute migration;

Provide migration support for 1 week;

Full transparency on everything we do

In essence, all you need to do from a partner standpoint is let your clients know that your Migration and Support Team will be in contact with them to start the migration process as soon as they are ready to cut over services. ExchangeDefender will take it from there!

Interacting with Your Clients

As previously mentioned, ExchangeDefender will take the lead on the migration process as a representative and extension of your company. Your clients will never know the difference. After you submit a request for migration to us, we get the ball rolling for contacting your client directly and starting the migration process. Pre-assignments will be performed and configurations checked. Our Migration and Support Team will then schedule the migration process with your client and provide them with a list of items that will be performed. The goal is to make your clients feel at ease with the entire process and ensure a safe and expedient transfer of all records, emails, contacts, calendar, etc. Again, everything we do will be transparent!

Tell Me More About The Support Service.

With the Migration and Support service, our ExchangeDefender staff will provide ongoing technical and customer service support to your clients on behalf of your company. Operating 24/7/365 and under your brand, our staff will answer any technical or customer service calls dealing with email issues or questions pertaining to their email. If we receive a call that is not related to email, we will log the call into your existing PSA/CRM infrastructure. Don’t have an existing PSA/CRM platform? Check out Shockey Monkey—it’s FREE as well!