krekentMany MSPs pride themselves on putting together their own custom stack for their customers because they like Company X for this product and company Y for that product. However, when you have multiple platforms interfacing with either other you’re leaving the door open for possible issues. Our recommended approach is a unified platform.

The biggest problem with combining multiple vendors across an offering starts when these third party applications aren’t playing well with each other and you need help to resolve an issue. We’ve all been part of those conversations unfortunately, where you have one vendor refusing to work with another or they are just not putting forth the effort you’d like to see. This is more common place than we’d like to admit. The root cause isn’t that people don’t want to be helpful. The problem that arises that once your data leaves the first provider’s platform, they’re now looking at the great unknown. And that’s IF the other party wants to help, because there are times when you’ll engage a vendor on an issue and you’ll be stonewalled instantly once your question involves another provider.

So what’s the proposed solution?

A unified platform that you can trust.

You already choose ExchangeDefender for arguably the most important piece of technology to your clients, their email. But we offer more. You can use our ActiveDirectory syncing software (XDSync) to maintain password synchronization between their desktop logins, their email, and the ExchangeDefender products. Upon first glance that doesn’t sound like much, that’s because folks forget we’re more than an anti-SPAM company.

Now you have a synchronized password for your clients:



Cloud Storage

SPAM Quarantine

Web Sharing

Business Continuity with Contact and Calendar Sync

Compliance Archiving for eDiscovery and long term email storage

Mobile Applications

Those are the positives for your client. If that’s not enough consider this. Next time there’s something up with your client’s Compliance Archive or Business continuity routing, what happens?

You call us, we will resolve it. We will resolve it quickly, efficiently and with as little hoop jumping as possible.

What happens if your email goes down and you don’t know what to do? You call us.

What happens when your clients are having a cloud storage issue? You call us.

Offering our unified platform will simplify your client’s access to technology and your support process. If you have any problems with our services you can always call us. Not an overseas partner of a company we just acquired. We are always here, and more importantly, here for you for our entire platform.

Does this sound good? It should, this is why your clients hire you: they want a single provider they can turn to that can make their IT problems disappear. When there is a problem they count on you and it’s easy to see why you need someone to count on as well.