Support RefresherHere we are again, another week and another quick reminder of how to test mail flow since it appears that ever week people forget the troubleshooting steps from last week.

Guys these steps are fool proof and give the answer every single time.

One of the tools recommended in the guide above is the Mail Log for Service Providers. Some of you are aware that we provide you with line by SMTP logs for every email. If your client is claiming their mail is not coming in this is the place to go. You log into with your SP ID and its right there “Mail Log”. You put the to/from for the test message you sent them and voila. You have your answer, no opening a ticket, no calling anyone, no chatting with anyone. If the message isn’t listed there, check the MX record, if it’s not there then there are only two possibilities:

You typed the info in incorrectly.
We did not receive the message.

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Carlos Lascano
VP Support Services, ExchangeDefender
(877) 546-0316 x737